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For over 30 years of Great British manufacturing, we have been engineering custom made motion control solutions for our customers

Made in the UK

We design, engineer and sell Electric Actuators, Pneumatics, Gas Springs, Dampers and Struts for the most demanding industrial applications from marine and food to aerospace, medical, architectural and automotive.


Alrose Products started as a limited company in 1985, but have been operating since the 1960’s, when Gas Springs were first developed. Our British Gas Springs brand identifies us with what we are known for, high quality UK produced Gas Springs and Dampers. Alrose has continued to grow and innovate, developing new products and services by reinvesting in new processes and machinery to improve and complement our existing strengths.


Our core values and aims revolve around providing you with high-quality motion control solutions that fit your budget. We have built up a strong internal engineering and CNC manufacturing base, now being widely offered to the general market.​

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Alrose Products

6 Stapledon Road




+44 (0)1733 570008

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